CGI Frequent Asked Questions

1. I am getting a 500 error. What is that?
 A 500 error on a script usually means there is a syntax error. There are two good ways to debug a script. You can first check your error log located in the stats section of the cpanel. The second way is to log into your shell and move to the directory the script is in. When in the proper directory type ./filename.cgi
 This will tell you what and where the error is.

2. Where do I place CGI scripts?
 CGI scripts can run anywhere on your account, not just in the cgi-bin directory.

3. What is CGI?
 CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. CGI runs on a webserver to enhance the site.

4. Where can I find CGI scripts?
 We provide "canned" scripts in the control panel you can use. Also, you are free to install your own scripts. You can find some at or at

5. I need a certain PERL module installed. Can this be done?
 In most cases this can be done. However, we will only install a module available from CPAN. To request this you should contact Note there may be charges for this.

6. What version of PERL do you support?
 We currently support PERL 5.10.1. 

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