FTP Frequent Asked Questions

1. What is FTP?
 FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and can be used to transfer your files form your hard drive to our web server.

2. Where can I get an FTP client?
 We suggest WS_FTP. This program and many others can be found at Cute FTP's Web Site.
3. Where do I upload my pages to be seen on the web?
 You should upload your pages to your public_html directory. The public_html is web viewable.

4. What is the difference between ASCII and BINARY?
 Upload text and CGI documents in ASCII mode. Images, sounds etc. should be uploaded in BINARY mode.

5. Can I create extra FTP accounts?
 Yes. There is an FTP feature in the control panel to add extra ftp accounts. If you have a unique IP then the users must connect through your ip or your domain name.

 If you create the FTP account test it will point to the test folder in the public_html directory. The users would have access to only the test folder and anything below it.

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