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1. Password is not accepted for user joe in my e-mail client?
 a.k.a. i created one pop account Now when i create account in my e-mail client for user joe it says password not accepted? what's up?

 If you created new email account for joe (username = joe) on your domain (for example, You must use user name as and not as joe. If you will use user name as joe instead if you will get password not accepted error.

2. Can I change the MX records on my account?
 Yes, we will change MX records at no cost. Contact to change MX settings.

 NOTE: Once MX records are changed another email server will handle your email. You will no longer be able to send email and receive it on our servers. If you have problems with email after the records are changed you should contact the site handling your email first as we are no longer in control of the email servers handling you.

3. What is my SMTP server?
 Your SMTP server is or you can use the IP address listed in your welcome email.

4. What is my POP server?
 Your POP server is or you can use the IP address listed in your welcome email.

5. I am unable to send E-mail
 In order to send email through our servers you must authorize yourself to do so. To do this you must checking incoming email first. If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express you can go to Tools > Accounts... > Mail (tab at the top of the new window > Double click on the email account you set up > Click on Servers (tab at the top of the new window) > put a check in the box that says "My server requires authentication.

 If this does not work it is possible that your ISP is blocking outside email servers so that you must use their outgoing email servers. This is done by the ISP in an error to block SPAM. MindSpring and AT&T are known to be some ISPs which do this. If your ISP does block outgoing email servers you can use the Web Mail feature in your cpanel to send/receive email.

6. How do I add E-Mail accounts?
 You can create email accounts through your control panel. To get to your control panel connect to and go to the mail section. In that section there is a function called add/remove accounts. Use this function to create new POP3 accounts.

7. I forgot a password to an E-mail account.
 If you forgot a password to a regular E-mail account you can log into your control panel at and go to the Mail Section. In that section go to Add/Remove accounts. There is a feature to change the password on the email account.

8. What E-Mail program should I use?
 As long as your E-Mail program supports POP3 it should work with our system. If using Windows, we suggest Outlook or Outlook Express.

9. What is your policy on SPAM? does not allow customers to send out UCE or SPAM. We have a zero tolerance policy on SPAM. If you have received SPAM or UCE from a mail server, please forward to

10. What is the default E-Mail account?
 The default email account, or catch-all accounts, is the E-Mail account which all email to your domain name will route to unless there is a previously created E-Mail account. By default the account is set to your default username. This can be changed in the Control Panel.

11. I am unable to use Netscape for Email.
 If you are using netscape as your email client there is one change you must make in your username. Most email usernames are in the form of However, if you are using netscape you need to change this to

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