Questions About Hosting

1. What is web hosting? 
Total Web Designs offer domain web hosting and email services. This means that we provide space on our servers for your web site. We can register a new domain name for you, or host an existing domain name, which will be used for your web site and email. We offer a hosting program with enough resources for most sites.  If a site requires more resources, such as additional web space, more bandwidth, or other features, we can add those feature for an additional cost.

2. Do you offer web design services?
 We do offer Web design services.  Cost of web design is not included in our hosting plans.  Contact us with your design requirements, and we will give you a quote.  You can either have us do your design, our you can contact any other company to complete this service.

3. Can I change my hosting plan?
 Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time. There is no fee for upgrading or downgrading your account. Please e-mail your request to our billing department and be sure to include your domain and userid.

4. How do I transfer files to my web site?
 Files can be transferred to the web server using an FTP program (File Transfer Protocol). You can download a program for either the PC or Mac from our site. You can use your browser or obtain a shareware FTP program. 

5. Can I update my pages as often as I like?
 You have unlimited access to your site via FTP or FrontPage 24-hours a day. As such, you can create and maintain your web pages on your own computer and upload files to your web site at your leisure. You can change and update your site as often as you want to.

6. Do I need FrontPage extensions?
 Our servers no longer support FrontPage extensions.

7. Do I need a CGI directory?
 CGI scripts run behind the scenes making a web site more interactive, they are used to take information from forms, calculate prices of orders etc. If you want to use your own scripts on your site you need to have a cgi directory. If all you need is to take information from a form and convert it into an email you do not need a CGI directory as all hosting plans come with a free self installing form to email script.

8. How much data transfer will I need?
 You can view your data transfer for any month at any time at your control panel. You can setup email warnings at any transfer amount and can ask us to automatically suspend, notify or do nothing when your transfer hits an amount you specify. In the event that your site is very busy and you do exceed the transfer, we can discuss your options and advise on how to keep your transfers lower.

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